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BodySpec Ultimate Fruit Extracts
of Bilberry, 60x 12,000mg - RRP: £19.95
of Cranberry, 60x 6,250mg - RRP: £11.95
of Goji Berry, 60x 1,000mg - RRP: £11.95
of Mangosteen, 60x 1,000mg - RRP: £11.95
of Noni, 60x 5,000mg - RRP: £11.95
of Pomegranate, 60x 2,000mg - RRP: £11.95
of MultiVitamin, 120 x one-a-day - RRP: £9.95
of Vitamin D3, 180x 5,000iu - RRP: £11.95
of Natural Vitamin E, 120x 400iu - RRP: £14.95
Herbal and Other Supplements
of Beta Glucan 1.3/1.6-D, 60 x 400mg - RRP: £19.95
of Co-enzyme Q10, 60x 100mg - RRP: £14.95
of Omega-3 Fish Body Oil, 120x 1,000mg - RRP: £11.95
of Garcinia Cambogia, 90x 5,000mg - RRP: £14.95
of Marine Collagen, 120x 400mg - RRP: £14.95
of Probiotic, 90x 5 Billion - RRP: £19.95
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