High Strength Vitamin D3 - 5000iu

1-a-Day Easy-to-Swallow Capsules

Vitamin D3 in an olive oil base for enhanced absorption

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Vitamin D Overview

Vitamin D is created by your body when exposing your skin to strong sunlight. Sunshine in the UK is only strong enough to produce Vitamin D for the months from May to September, so people in the UK depend on stores of Vitamin D built up during these summer months. Even then, cloudy conditions and indoor lifestyles lead many to be deficient. Further, the amount of Vitamin D in food is small.

People with darker skin are particularly at risk during winter months with an up to 75% of adults from Asian or African and Caribbean backgrounds being deficient. (Nice Report Warns of Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic - 26 Nov 2014)

New research has recommended Vitamin D supplementation during the darker months and for some Vitamin D supplementation is even recommended during the summer months. It is thought Vitamin D supplementation can reduce the frequency and duration of colds and viruses, with estimates of reduction of 50% in people with low levels of Vitamin D.