Bilberry Standardised Extract Capsules

60x Ultra High Potency Bilberry Capsules
Each Equivalent to 12,000mg of Bilberry

Each capsule providing 30mg of anthocyanin

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1 tub of Bilberry Capsules for cataracts1 tub
60 x 12,000mg
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2 tubs of Bilberry Capsules for diabetic retinopathy2 tubs
120 x 12,000mg
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£13.95 each
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3 tubs of Bilberry Capsules for macular degeneration3 tubs
180 x 12,000mg
for£59.85   £38.85
£12.95 each
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4 tubs of Bilberry Capsules for cataracts4 tubs
240 x 12,000mg
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£11.95 each
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4 tubs of ultra high potency Bilberry Capsules4 tubs
240 x 12,000mg
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Q. What is the Active Ingredient in Bilberry ?

A. The ingredient in Bilberry ripe fruit promoting health eyes and vision is a flavanoid compound called anthocyanin (anthocyanidin). This compound determines the standardised dose.

Only a standardised extract can guarantee you are getting the correct amount of the active ingredient. Our highly concentrated form of bilberry contains 25% as the active ingredient anthocyanin.