Bilberry Capsules 60 x 12,000mg

High Strength Standardised Extract

30mg of anthocyanosides per capsule

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Vegan Vegetarian Halal Kosher
12,000mg 60 Capsules
Standardised Extract 30mg anthocyanosides
Vision Eye Health
Key Nutrient:Bilberry (vaccinium myrtillus)
Form:Standardised Extract in a Capsule
Equivalence:Each capsule contains 120mg of 100:1 standardised extract, equivalent to 12,000mg (12 grams) of Bilberry fruit
Standardisation:Each capsule is standardised to 25% anthocyanosides, so as to provide 30mg of anthocyanosides.
Quantity:60 capsules
Recommended Use:1 to 4 capsules per day. Can be taken with or without food.
Best Before Date:End of April 2021
Suitable For:Vegans, vegetarians, halal, kosher
Traditional Use:Eye health, Vision
Other Features:Allergen-free formulation
Airtight foil seal under lid
Full Ingredients:Bilberry Standardised extract
Stoneground Rice Flour
Natural Rice Extract
Natural Rice Concentrate
HPMC Size 0 Capsule
BodySpec Ultimate Bilberry Capsules are standardised so as to provide 30mg of anthocyanosides per capsule. Each capsule is equivalent to 12 grams (12,000mg) of bilberry fruit. Bilberry is the leading herbal rememdy for helping maintain healthy vision and general eye health. The active components of bilberry are anthocyanosides, potent antioxidants. Only a standardised extract of bilberry will guarantee the amount of anthocyanosides provided.
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Q. What is the Active Ingredient in Bilberry ?

A. The ingredient in Bilberry ripe fruit promoting health eyes and vision is from a group of flavanoid compounds called anthocyanosides. Bilberry is specifically standardised to one such compound called anthocyanin (anthocyanidin). This compound determines the standardised dose.

Only a standardised extract can guarantee you are getting the correct amount of the active ingredient. Our highly concentrated form of bilberry contains 25% as the active ingredient anthocyanin.